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What to Expect When You are Picking Up Your Nucs? | 2023

What to Expect When You are Picking Up Your Nucs? | 2023

What to Expect When You are Picking Up Your Nucs?
It may not feel like it, but Spring is here, and we are finally able to pick up our nucs at Dancing Bee Equipment! We want things to go as smoothly as possible for both our customers and our staff, so here are some tips that will help everyone!
First, pick up times are always from 7pm to 9pm on your scheduled pick up day. You want as many of your foragers home as possible, and the later in the evening, the darker it is, the better for the bees to be home. If the weather happens to be rainy or cold, that’s great! They will be inside staying dry.
When you arrive, drive to the back of the warehouse, where the loading dock is. Come inside and check in with our Customer Care person. They will verify your order, check to see if you have extra equipment to pick up, and take payment if necessary. They will then hand you a ticket with your nuc order information to give to the staff member that will help you load your nucs into your vehicle. You will not be able to take your nucs without this ticket.
Next, if you would like to pick up some extra equipment, fantastic! In order to get you in and out quickly, please place your order ahead of time, and we will have it all ready for you at the loading dock. We will have limited staff available on nuc pick up nights, and if you have what you need already to pick up, everyone will be able to be in and out smoothly and quickly. Of course, we will be able to check you out if you need a few smaller items, however if you need a large order that will take some time to pick, please let us know in advance.
We don’t seal the bees inside their nuc boxes. A pick up truck is great, but not necessary. We don’t want to overheat them, and the bees need to be able to come and go until dark. We do carry mesh nuc bags that you can purchase to put around the boxes, and it helps contain the bees, especially if you are putting them inside a vehicle. Also, wear your protective gear if you feel you need to.
Please let us know if you need a change in pick up, or if you are unable to make it. This way we can be sure to make arrangements for another night, and we aren’t waiting for you to arrive. We understand life happens, and want to help you anyway we can.
Questions? Email or call (905)753-2623
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