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Api Life Var | Varroa Mite Control

Api Life Var | Varroa Mite Control

Api Life Var is an effective and natural treatment against varroa mites based on essential oils Thymol, Eucalyptus oil, Levomenthol, Racemic camphor. This product is well tolerated and demonstrates high efficacy. It is a market leader in Europe for Thymol Mite Treatments.

• No eke is required
• Easy and safe to use
• Excellent efficacy and tolerability
• Natural product

When temperatures are between 64 and 95°F (or 18 to 35°C) • Two treatments a year may be made, ONLY when honey supers are not on the hives.

1. Open the bag containing the two tablets. Handle the bag with care, the tablets are fragile! Check out this ApiLifeVar video tutorial on Youtube!
2. Take each of the 2 tablets and separate into 4 pieces. Break the pieces evenly or cut with a knife or scissors. 
3. Open the beehive and set the separated pieces of the tablets outside the edge of the brood nest on top of the top bars (in the corners of the beehive).
  • 1st Application: Leave 7-10 days
  • 2nd Application: Leave 7-10 days
  • 3rd Application: Leave 12 days


• Balance the beehives according to their strength before the use
• All colonies in the same apiary should be treated simultaneously to avoid robbery
• Treat by introducing the product into the beehive either early in the morning or late in the afternoon towards sunset, avoiding the hottest hours.
• Do the treatment without supers
• Do not place the product in the center of the beehive or near the brood.
• Handle the package with care.
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