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2023 at Dancing Bee - Brooke

2023 at Dancing Bee - Brooke

My name is Brooke, and I am the shipping and logistics manager here at Dancing Bee Equipment. My main goal here is to have your orders shipped out to you within 24 hours after they have been placed. Once we receive your order our wonderful customer care ladies will print them and bring them back to me where then I will go pick your item(s), pack them and have them on the skid ready for pick up.


We can ship all over Canada and the United States and it’s my guarantee to get you the best possible shipping price. Along with your auto generated shipping costs on our website we also offer custom shipping rates. Whether you’re looking to place an order for a few items or enough items to fill an entire pallet(s) I will make sure that your order gets out our door in perfect condition and provide you with a tracking number and the company we used to ship your order so you’re able to track it right to your door.   


FREE SHIPPING!! That’s right I said free and who doesn’t love free. The thing I get most excited about with New Year is we kick off our free shipping event!! Every year near the end of January we have our free shipping event which is a great way to get prepared for the upcoming season. Load your cart with all the equipment and accessories that you are going to need to make this season blow last season out of the water.



This year is going to be exciting as I have been working close with The Bee Works on creating our own cosmetic line. Keeping products as natural as possible without compromising quality. Everything we produce is made in house, so you know that each product is crafted with care and is guaranteed to be perfect for you.  We are currently launching our new and improved beeswax lip balm. Along with our traditional unscented beeswax lip balm we will also be featuring 7 new and incredible flavours which include cherry, peach, vanilla, banana, peppermint, blueberry, and lavender. Our lip balm has nothing but the best ingredients for long lasting hydration, softness, and continuous protection. Keep your eyes peeled for more amazing products being launched in 2023!




If you have any questions about shipping or our products, please contact me directly at or call us at 905-753-2623.

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