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Ultra Bee Pollen Substitute | Patties

Original price $5.75 - Original price $189.95
Original price
$5.75 - $189.95
Current price $5.75

Scientifically formulated complementary bee feed. Contains no actual pollen.

These pre-formed pollen substitute patties contain no less than 18% Crude Protein. Ultra Bee provides an excellent source of the protein and carbohydrates honey bees need to raise brood when natural pollen is not available in sufficient amounts.

  • Made with essential oils (lemongrass and spearmint)
  • Non-soy based
  • A complete amino acid profile
  • Beneficial vitamins, lipids, and minerals
  • No animal products used
  • Increased brood production
  • Healthier, stronger bees
  • No mixing necessary. Ready to feed when you need it

To ensure maximum protein content, we recommend using the product within 18-24 months of the manufacture date. Any unused feed can be stored in the freezer indefinitely to reduce protein degradation.

Single Patties     $5.75
40 lb Case           $189.95