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Swarm Rustler | 2 oz Spray Bottle

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2oz High Mist Sprayer
Long-lasting and efficient
Totally safe for bees and other wildlife when used as directed
Shelf life Is 2 years when kept in a temperature-controlled area

Use our Swarm Rustler Spray to coax honeybee swarms and establish new colonies in your unoccupied hives. Each bottle contains 2oz of Swarm Rustler Premium Spray, a pheromone specially created to attract passing swarms of feral honeybees. These swarms will be lured into your hive, giving you an opportunity to establish new bee colonies with a minimum of effort. The spray is totally safe for bees and lasts long after the initial application.
All Natural food grade ingredients designed to mimic the queen bee Nasonov Pheromone.
Derived from floral terpenes, no lemongrass oil is in this product.

How to use:
Mount Swarm Trap 6 To 8 Foot Off The Ground. It's Best To Locate The Swarm Trap Along A Woodline.
Spray 2 Sprays Of Swarm Rustler Swarm Lure On The Bottom Of Your Inner Cover and One To Two Sprays Of Swarm Rustler On The Entrance Of The Bottom Board If You Are Using A Hive.
Only One Spray Inside And One On The Entrance Of Your Swarm Trap If Using A Wood Pulp Swarm Trap.
Check Your Hive For Activity Every 7 To 10 Days.
Reapply Swarm Rustler If Needed.


2 ounces