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Dancing Bee Equipment | Standard Beekeeping Kit


Dancing Bee woodenware is manufactured in Canada with a high level of quality control and uniformity. Woodenware is made with standard 7/8” thick white pine. All our hive boxes are finger jointed making them durable and long-lasting. Easy to grip handholds will make even the heaviest honey or brood more manageable.

Kit includes our best-selling cotton jacket:

The Bee steward line offers exceptionally good overall protection. This Jacket is made for rugged beekeeping and long days in the bee yard. It holds up well to abuse and overwork. Made of robust cotton and a strong metal zipper this jacket should last a long time. The hood offers comfort and a clear view. Elastic cuffs provide snug fitting without being too tight. Pockets also provide needed storage for when working in the yard.

Kit includes:

  • 2 brood boxes
  • 20 deep frames
  • 1 medium super
  • 10 medium frames
  • plastic queen excluder
  • inner cover
  • telescopic outer cover
  • bottom board
  • bee jacket
  • gloves
  • hive tool
  • smoker (may vary from picture)

Assembled and primed kit:  $414.95

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