ProVap | 110 Sideliner Vaporizer


This is the oxalic acid vaporizer you've been looking for!

The Pro Vap 110 vaporizer/sublimator allows treatments in as little as 20 seconds per hive using household current, inverter, or generator. 110 volt, 250 watts, 2.2 amps.

  • No need to open the hive
  • No compressor or battery needed
  • No guessing on dosage
  • No strips or pads to install and dispose of
  • Quick, simple and easy, just point and shoot
  • Oxalic acid vapour kills over 95% of phoretic mites

Safety; you must wear a full facepiece respirator that is rated for organic acids! Heavy, heat-resistant gauntlet gloves are needed as well.

Oxalic Acid Sold Separately

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Want To See It In Action? Watch this video.
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