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Paradise Honey
Honey & Wax Press
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Paradise Honey (P.H.) is world renowned for producing the most advanced, efficient honey extracting processing lines. All products are made in Finland.

This equipment is tested in a 3000 hive beekeeping operation yielding average of 120-200 tons of honey per year. This field testing assures that you do not have to buy promises. P.H. is delivering tested efficiency, security and long term durability. Your investment in this high quality production equipment and beehive products is a decision for a life time. When you want to get your honey production business into the next level.

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40L separate plastic wax collector tank, 55L honey tank, 2x 3,5L filtter

Outlet SMS connection 76 mm


Gear Motor: 1,10 kW

Capacity: 350kg/h

Power supply: 230V/50Hz

Dimensions: 1300x720x740mm

Weight: 105kg


Powerful and continuously operating honey and wax screw press for easy honey cappings and wax separation.

The mix drops into the hopper cone and is pushed forward by the screw press. The constantly increasing pressure forces the honey trough the holes in the mantle and into the honey sump. Dry wax is carried forward forward the end of the screw where the dry wax is collected in a basin.Strainer is functioning as a prefilter for the honey and wax mixture.

All the models have inverter motor and capacity control for optimal performance depending on the viscosity of the honey. This way you will save energy and time. Separation efficiency on average is 98,5%

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