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Lyson | Uncapping Tray with Plastic Sieve and Mesh | W3233

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Original price
$129.95 - $129.95
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- frame stand with honey and integrated plastic sieve included
- made of plastic approved for contact with food
- stable
- an additional transverse rod reinforcing the frame stand structure
- capacious sieve with relatively small bath tub dimensions
- compact dimensions

The uncapping tray is the basic beekeeping equipment because the patches must be uncapped before spinning. In order not to waste honey leaking when removing the seal, this should be done over the tub, preferably integrated with the sieve as in the proposed model.

Stable frame support facilitates uncapping and makes this work more effective. You can rub the fork with an additional horizontal rod running over the sieve and thus get rid of cracks deposited between the teeth, which also affects the comfort and speed of uncapping frames. Between the edge of the tub and said rod, you can also insert a fork lifter during breaks in work. Thanks to this, the fork will always be at hand, and the workshop less soiled with honey.

The small dimensions of the tub allow it to be placed even in a small workshop. Made of materials approved for contact with food enables hygiene while obtaining honey.

The tub for uncapping frames 100 mm high is the basic product at an affordable price. You can buy an additional assortment to make it work in your apiary even more conveniently.

Tub dimensions:
- external dimension (width × length × height): 405mm × 605mm × 100mm
- internal dimension (width x length x height) 370mm x 566mm x 100mm

Screen dimensions:
- external dimension (width × length × height): 390mm × 590mm
- internal dimension (width x length x height) 320mm x 525mm x 70mm