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Lyson | Stand for Decrystallization Coil | W3500101

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The device is used to support the decrystallisation coil during the honey heating process. The stand supports the coil in a vertical position when conducting the process of honey decrystallisation in settlers or barrels. The proposed stand is made of acid-resistant stainless steel 0H18N9. The connector to the pipes is made of techno polymer. The rack itself should be washed with hot water using a soft cloth with preparations approved for contact with equipment used in the food industry. Then rinse thoroughly with clean water. Do not use any chemicals to maintain the elements of the device.

Technical data:
net weight: 5,4 kg
stand made of acid-resistant stainless steel 0H18N9
pipe connector is made of techno polymer

 Set composition:
eg- rod ∅15 - 3 pcs.
vertical pipe ∅48 mm - length 550 mm with knob - 1 pc
vertical pipe ∅42 mm - length 750 mm - 1 pc
pipe connector - 1 pc.
horizontal pipe ∅42 - length 400 mm with clamp - 1 pc.