InstantVap | Silicone Cleaning Cap | 2 Pack


Heat resistant silicone cap for cleaning InstantVap Vaporizers after use.
To be used with gloves and mask only!
Residual oxalic acid vapour escapes during cleaning!
Do not use if the device is clogged!
Overpressure is generated in the device during cleaning!
Caution, risk of burns!
Content: 2 pieces of silicone cup
Color varies!

How to use:

make sure the appliance is not clogged!
Wear suitable protective equipment: gloves and mask! Oxalic acid vapour still escapes during the cleaning! Caution, risk of burns!
Switch off the appliance after use, but leave the battery connected.
Wait until the appliance cools down to about 200°C.
Remove the oxalic acid dispenser.
Fill the silicone cap half full with distilled water, then turn the unit upside down and press the silicone cap firmly onto the dispenser tube.
Keep the silicone cap firmly pressed down and turn the appliance upside down.

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