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InstantVap | 12V Corded Vaporizer

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InstantVap 12V battery powered oxalic acid vaporizer with 4 meter long cable

  • Includes single silicone cleaning cap with instructions.
  • Cable version with battery clip, 4m cable, 1 dispenser.
  • 12V; 240W; 20A
  • 25-30 seconds for a 2 gram dose of oxalic acid sublimation and you are ready to treat the next family
  • Stainless steel frame and dispenser
  • Fast, tool-free adjustable dispenser for 1-4 grams
  • Battery voltage indicator to protect the battery
  • Insulated kettle for reliable operation in cold, windy weather
  • Sturdy brass tube outlet, stands firmly in the hole of the hive wall
  • Accurate and dynamic temperature control, no overheating

InstantVap 12V battery powered oxalic acid vaporizer

  • Power: 12V; 240W; 20A
  • With a fully charged 80Ah deep cycle battery, ~300 hives can be treated with 2 grams of oxalic acid, one treatment takes 25-30 seconds
  • Stainless steel acid-resistant frame and dispenser
  • Accurate, no-overrun dynamic solid-state relay PID temperature control; i.e. no overheating, no waiting for cool-down
  • Real-time temperature display, controlled temperature, temperature can be individually adjusted from 100-240℃, default temperature: 230℃, recommended temperature: 200-230℃
  • Fast, tool-free, roll-on adjustment of the oxalic acid dispenser, with 1-4 gram scale, dispensing oxalic acid with one push
  • 6mm diameter strong brass outlet pipe, not prone to clogging as there is no pipe bend. Easy to access and clean in case of a blockage, the entire length of the tube is accessible
  • Requires a 7mm diameter hole in the hive wall
  • Stable in the hive hole, does not fall out or tilt sideways, can support its own weight (do not lean on it!)
  • Voltage indicator to protect the battery. Periodic monitoring of the voltage indicator is necessary, the battery must not be over discharged! The exact voltage value below which the battery should not be discharged is specified by the battery manufacturer. Please check the instructions for your battery!
  • Can be used with a car starter battery for up to 100-150 hives
  • Insulated furnace, works well in cold, windy weather
  • Price includes: oxalic acid sublimator with 4 meter long cable, battery clamp at the end of the cable, 1 x oxalic acid dispenser
  • Without battery!