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375g Creamed Maple Honey

First, they whip their maple syrup into a maple butter. Then, they whip their honey into a creamed honey. This forces the honey to crystallize very finely, giving it a smooth, buttery consistency. Then they blend the two creamed products together, and add organic maple flakes to finish it off!

The result is a smooth, mapley honey with a hint of crunch. Less sweet than pure maple butter but more flavour than creamed honey!

How to use:

By the spoonful (yum), as always, in coffee, on pastries, in baking, on pancakes and waffles or however else you choose to get creative with it! A delicious addition to vanilla bean ice cream, we recommend using this honey in your favourite smoothie, too.

Good to Know:

Hunnabees honey is Canadian, raw and unpasteurized (which preserves all the great nutritional benefits of honey).

Refrigeration required.

Ingredients: hunnabees creamed honey, maple butter and organic maple flakes

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