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Gallagher | S100 Portable Solar Fence Energizer


The S100 Portable Solar Fence Energizer with 1-joule powers up to 30 miles/100 acres and comes with an integrated solar panel, rechargeable battery, and leadset. The solar panel charges the battery by converting light directly into electricity. The battery stores this electricity to operate the energizer. This enables the energizer to operate at night or during periods of low sunlight. 

Two operating modes ensure optimum battery management and animal control specific to fencing requirements. Wildlife control mode operates with a fast pulse day and night to ensure wildlife exclusion. The livestock animal control mode operates with a fast pulse during the day and a slower pulse at night for when domestic animals are less active.

The S100 is ideal for containing larger livestock (sheep, cows, horses) or for excluding wildlife (bears, deer) from your bee yard.

  • 1-joule stored energy
  • up to 30 miles/100 acres
  • easy to install
  • 360° mounting for existing steel posts
  • 2 operating modes: Wildlife control & Livestock control
  • runs up to 3 weeks without sun

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