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Cowen Uncapping Machine | Silver Queen

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The Silver Queen uncapping machine is great for beekeepers with up to 50 hives. This durable and efficient machine has been tried and tested.
The gravity slide feeder holds four combs which are fed into the Uncapper with clockwork precision. The Silver Queen will uncap 9 combs per minute, about 60 boxes per hour.
This Uncapper is constructed with 12 gauge stainless steel, ideal for honey machinery. The gearbox and knives are driven by a 1/2 HP, 1725 RPM capacitor motor. Along with all the standard features, chain lugs are also used to secure combs and prevent jamming.


  • Stainless steel knives, channels, shafts, and crossbars.
  • Nickel-plated sprockets and chains.
  • On-off-reversing switch that stops machine instantly.
  • Adjustable slip clutch.
  • Knives heated by hot water or steam.
  • Knife handle allows instant adjustment of cutting depth