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Encaustic Painting Beeswax Alchemy | Thursday November 22nd 7pm

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Thursday November 22nd, 2024
Cost: $85

Encaustic painting is a technique that involves using heated beeswax mixed with pigments to create art. The word "encaustic" originates from the Greek word "enkaustikos," meaning "to burn in." This ancient method dates back to at least the 5th century BC and was notably used by Greek artists for portraits and panels.

In encaustic painting, beeswax is melted and mixed with colored pigments. The resulting mixture is applied to a surface, typically wood or canvas, in layers using brushes or other tools. Each layer is fused to the previous one with heat, usually by using a heat gun or blowtorch. This process allows for the creation of textured and multi-dimensional artworks with a luminous quality.

Beeswax serves as both a binder and a preservative in encaustic painting, providing durability and protection to the finished piece. The versatility of encaustic allows artists to experiment with various techniques such as collage, embedding objects, incising, and scraping to achieve unique and expressive results.

Encaustic painting offers artists a wide range of possibilities for artistic expression, from delicate and translucent layers to bold and sculptural textures. It continues to be a popular medium for contemporary artists seeking to explore the rich history and unique qualities of beeswax as a material.

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All Workshops take place at Dancing Bee Equipment, located one hour east of Toronto. Workshops are in groups of 12-15 people. We will add another time slot when full.

Age 12 and up as we are working with hot wax.

These workshops can tend to be a bit messy so please dress accordingly and we highly recommend putting long hair in a hair tie.

**You must PRE- REGISTER to get a spot in the workshop. All reservations must paid in advance and these workshops are non-refundable**