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Alveis Clean | 1L

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Degreasing detergent ideal for removing organic material such as propolis and wax from surfaces. Suitable for cleaning honey extraction rooms, external parts of machinery, and all beekeeping equipment such as hives, frames, feeders, queen excluders, hive tools, smokers etc.

The abundant foam formation prolongs the contact time with surfaces, including vertical ones, facilitating the removal of the most stubborn dirt. Compatible with all materials except light metals, such as aluminum or galvanized metals.


We recommend using the product diluted in water at a concentration of 3% v/v to 6% v/v (from 30ml to 60ml for 1 liter of water). The choice of concentration is based on the quantity and tenacity of the dirt to be removed (the 6% v/v solution is suitable for coarser dirt). The solution can be applied manually or using special foaming lances.

Items to be cleaned can also be immersed in the solution. Leave the product act for at least 5 minutes or until the desired degree of cleanliness has been reached, then rinse thoroughly.