Wax & Candle Making

Dancing Bee Equipment | Make & Take Candle Making Party Kit


Candle Making Party Kit Contents:

1 Votive Silicone Mould
5 Silver Travel Tins w/ Lids
3 lbs Double Filtered Pure Beeswax
1 - 4 lb Aluminum Melting Pot
1 - 50 Pack Pre Wicked Tabs
5 feet of 2/0 Wick
1 - 25 Pack of Clear Tea light Cups
1 - 190ml Hex Jar


Using a double boiler place Wax Melting Pot with beeswax into a pot on medium-low heat. Use caution not to melt the wax at too high a temperature. Never leave the wax unattended on the stove. Let wax melt completely.

While the wax is melting, prepare your candle moulds/containers by putting wicks/wick tab holders in the center of each container. Be sure the wicks are centred. Use a small about of wax on the bottom of the wick tab holders to ensure it stays in place and doesn’t float when you pour the wax.

For the silicone moulds, Thread the wick through the hole at the bottom. Be sure to leave an inch or so, as this is actually the top of your candle. Wrap the other end of the wick around the dowel, and clip it into place with the clothes pin. Be sure the wick is taught and centred. Once the wax is melted, carefully take your wax melting pot out of the double boiler, and carefully pour wax into your moulds/containers. Ensure everything is on a level surface. Let cool completely.

Once cool, carefully remove from the silicone moulds by pushing from the bottom. Be sure the wick comes out with your candle. If not completely cool, the wick may be pulled out if you don’t hold onto it while removing it from the mould.

Trim the wick on the bottom and then gently even out the bottom of your candles by heating them on a pan (use aluminum foil if it’s not a dedicated wax pan). Don’t leave on heat too long, place on a hard surface to even out the bottom. Trim the top of your wick, being sure not to cut it too short.

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