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Busy Bee (A) Wick for Pink Moulds - 50g Roll

Product Code WC-12-1

You can't make candles without the wick!

If you've purchased a pink Busy-Bee candle mould this wick is what you need to complete your craft!

Mould Wick Guild:

Wick #1:  Starburst 2x3", Starburst 2x5", Heart Shape, Maple Leaf.

Wick #2:  Carved Egg, Bee Hive, Hexagon 2.25x3", Hexagon 2.25x4", Smooth Pillar 2x3", Smooth Pillar 2x5", Small Tree.

Wick #3:  Rustic Pillar 2.5x3", Rustic Pillar 2.5x5", Dribble Pillar 2.5x3", Dribble Pillar 2.5x5", Smooth Pillar 2.5x3", Smooth Pillar 2.5x5", Canadian Pillar 2.25x4.75", Fluted Pillar 2.5x3.5", Fluter Pillar 2.5x5", Christmas (Large) Tree.

Wick #4:  Diamond Pillar 2.75x3", Diamond Pillar 2.75x5", Fluted Pillar 3x4", Spiral Swirl 2 5/8x4 1/4".

Wick 2/0:  Tapered Octagon 2x3.5", Votive, Camping Candle 3", Camping Candle 5", Owl 4".

Wick 3/0":  Taper 6", Taper 8", Wrinkled Egg.

Wick 4/0:  Tea Light.

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