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Apistan 100 Pack | Anti-Varroa Mite Strips


Simple defense against Varroa mites in honeybee colonies. Can be used in Spring before the honey flow or in Fall after honey supers have been removed.

  • High proven efficacy in a six-week treatment period
  • Easy to use; safe for bees and beekeepers
  • Not detectable residue in honey
  • Impregnated PVC stips release the right amount of active ingredient
  • 1 strip for every 5 frames of bees is recommended
  • Active ingredient: Fluvalinate 10%

    Each 100 Pack      $349.95
    10+  100 Packs     $339.95
    20+  100 Packs - Please call for pricing (905-753-2623)

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     **Medication ships within Canada only**

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