Mead Making with The Tipsy Hive

Mead Making - Liquid Crystal Thermometer



For most meads,  wines and hard ciders, fermentation starts around 26ºC  (79ºF)  and drops to about 18ºC  (65ºF)  and finishes about 36ºC  (97ºF).  This thermometer is perfect for all your brewing needs.
  • Reads temperatures between about 4 and 36ºC (39 and 97ºF)
  • Comes with a waterproof self-adhesive that sticks to glass, plastic and metal
  • Once attached to the carboy it will illuminate the temperature
  • Flexible and very easy to use
  • Comes with a protective film that can be removed once installed
  • Size 1.8 x13 cm (0.71x5”)
  • Great for homebrewing
  • Can also be used on queen rearing incubators, fish tanks, reptile aquariums, humidors and terrariums too! 

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