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SuperDFM for Honey Bees
100 Applications

Product Code: SDFMHB-100

SuperDFM for Honey Bees - Prebiotic Enzymes
These beneficial microbes are an all natural probiotic supplement that supports gut health in honey bees.  It aides digestion and supports immunity. 


    • Feed Dry.
    • Use every 60 days.
    • For optimum results, use SuperDFM-HoneyBee every month during the colony's active time.
    • Otherwise supplement in spring, summer dearth periods, fall and during migratory movements.  
    • Use 1 tablespoon of SuperDFM per hive per supplement period.
    • Dust dry SuperDFM over top bars of the brood nest. 
    • Do NOT use SuperDFM together with antibiotics. 
    • Do not mix with syrup or patties. 
    • No excess heat (130F) or moisture.

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