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Top of the line Bottling Equipment!

Top of the line Bottling Equipment!

Premium Quality, Versatile Design, Tailored for Convenience

Every honey house needs bottling tanks to liquefy and pour honey with ease. Dancing Bee Equipment Stainless Steel Bottling Tanks are top of the line quality.

TAILORED WITH QUALITY AND CRAFTSMANSHIP: From top of the line valves and precision controls to double walled 16-gauge stainless steel for our larger tanks, our bottling tanks are engineered with quality and craftsmanship. 

THE COMPLETE PACKAGE: 1" No-drip valve, site glass, Chromalox immersion heater, built-in honey thermometer for precise temperature control are all included with our tanks. Stainless steel folding lid with handle and sliding hose access cover Say hello to a seamless bottling experience.

4 different sizes available: We know every operation has different needs. We have 4 different size bottling tanks to suit your business perfectly.

Food-safe to meet and exceed food establishment guidelines. Double-walled for gentle heating of honey, syrups, soap or wax. Uniquely and exclusively designed for Dancing Bee Equipment.

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