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Give your bees the best chance of making it through the winter.

Give your bees the best chance of making it through the winter.

 In order to give your bees the best chance of making it through the winter, there are a few key things to make sure of. 

  1. They are queen right and have a strong queen to carry them into the spring.
  2. They have enough stores in order to sustain them during the cold months, into the early spring before the first pollen and nectar becomes available.
  3. There isn't a large varroa mite load that will weaken the hive going into the winter months and make it more difficult for them to fight off pests and diseases.

We can help you with all of these, but this is your last chance to get one of our North Star Queens. Without a strong queen, your hive has no chance of making it through the winter. If you suspect a weak queen, or if she is a few years old now is the perfect time to replace her. 

You may also want to do a late fall split if your hive is busting out of their boxes. There is still enough time to Introduce our North Star mated queens to a split and get her and her hives good and ready for fall. 

But hurry, our North Stars won't arrive again until 2022. 


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