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Oxytet - 25 454g


Oxytet - 25 454g

Oxytet for prevention of Foul Brood. 
Mix it with sugar to treat over 30 colonies.

Shipping available in Canada Only.

5 +     $9.85 each

Oxytet-25 protects colonies from becoming infected with American Foul Brood and controls European Foul Brood, even when symptoms are present.  Oxytet-25 contain the powerful antibiotic oxytetracycline HCL. 
Oxytet-25 suppress American Foulbrood and control European Foulbrood without harming bees.
All products should be used as directed.
Use it with routine syrup feeding.
Mix with syrup the day of feeding and be protected from foulbrood for up to two weeks

Application Instructions: