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  • Dancing Bee Steward Suit


    Our best selling cotton suit.

    The new and improved veil has been field tested, making this the best available suit on the market.

    The Dancing Bee Steward line offers exceptionally good overall protection. This suit is used by Dancing Bee Staff. Made for for rugged beekeeping and long days in the bee yard. It holds up well to abuse and overwork.  Made of robust cotton and a strong metal zipper this suit should last a long time.  The hood offers comfort and a clear view.. Elastic cuffs provide snug fitting without being too tight.  Pockets also provide needed storage for when working in the yard.. 

    More Info

        - Thick cotton protective fabric 

        - Elastic fitted ankle and wrist for nice fit

        - Chest pocket for important items and utility pockets for tools

        - Metal zipper for long life


        *Your suit should have lots of room to move around in- just think of all the bending and lifting you will do in it*

        Small: 46"-48" chest ------ Fits most people 5'0"-5'7", 110-145lb

        Medium: 50"-52" chest  ------  Fits most people 5'5"-5-9", 135-165lb

        Large: 54"-56" chest  ------ Fits most people 5'8"-6'1", 155-200lb

        Extra Large: 58" -60" chest  ------ Fits most people 6'+, 230b+

        Extra Extra Large:  62"-64" chest  ------ Fits most people 6'0"-6'5", 200-250lb