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Beginner Kit


basic beekeeping kit to get you starting.

Dancing Bee wooden-ware is manufactured in Canada with a high level of quality control and uniformity.  Includes the minimal items needed to get started. Perfect to install your first NUC.. Wooden-ware in this kit is standard 7/8” thickness white pine. All our hive boxes are finger jointed making them durable and long lasting.  Easy to grip handholds will make even the heaviest honey or brood more manageable. 

Kit includes the best beekeeping veil and hat on the market.
The dancing bee veil is very cool and works well, especially on hot days. This is a favorite for Dancing Bee staff. The protective safety veil has underarm straps to keep the hat in position. Strong mesh allows for excellent vision and comfort when working with the bees.

  • 2 brood boxes
  • 20 deep frames
  • inner cover
  • outer cover
  •  bottom board
  • dancing bee veil 
  • gloves
  • smoker (may vary from picture)

Beekeeping kits assembled and wax dipped Add $45.00