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Queens and Nucs are available every Spring, and through the summer. 


If you are new to beekeeping we can help guide you through the process of setting up your first beehive. It’s fun, rewarding, and easy to do. Soon you will have your very own local honey.  We have all the gear you will need in our shop at reasonable prices.

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We are a proud member of the Ontario Bee Breeders Association. 

About DBA Queens

Our Queens

Every year we work with 100% treatment free beekeepers. This year we will be grafting from 3, (one is our own) bee yards  that have been 100% treatment free, (and healthy) for 6 years. The virgins will be open mated in our home breeding yard.


Our breeding stock has a long history in Ontario.  My fathers bees had all been victims of mites, so I needed somewhere new to start.  An old  time local beekeeper, and my mentor was the answer.  My mentor had inherited his bees in the 1970's from his father.  Some of their bee yards have been in the same location for over 80 years.  The bees have been re-queening themselves since at least the 1980's without  queens being intentionally introduced.  Our bees are definitely accustomed to the Ontario climate. So, I was able to acquire these bees and use them as the genetic baseline for our breeding.  They are predominately Apis Mellifera Ligustica in appearance.  Most queens have the beautiful golden coloring  associated with Italians, although this is not part of our selection criteria.


We also source some nucs from neighbouring beekeepers who's practices we respect.

Trait Selection

Our breeding is based on trait selection rather than attempting to breed a specific race. We are focused on selecting for:

1) Survival of the fittest; early pollen gathering and build up. Grafting from colonies that are treatment free and show mite resistance.

2) Honey Production; our highest yielding colonies are brought to our mating yard.

3) Gentleness; rated on a 5 point scale. Any aggressive, running on comb, intense robbing traites are not tolerated. These queens are culled. Our bees are very gentle.


Our Methods

From all our out yards the best performing colonies according to our selection criteria are continuously collected, and brought to our three breeding yards. Each yard contains at least 45 colonies at all times.  We try to have the best of the best at these yards. These breeding yards are not treated for mites except the use of organic oils, (no chemicals or acids allowed ).  Thus the bees co-exist  with mites;or perish. Each spring the very best from these yards are chosen to graft from. Runner up colonies are used to flood the area with drones.  Any poor performing colonies are removed and replaced with colonies from out yards.  Each year I purchase queens from various sources which I install at a test apiary for over wintering and evaluation.  Those that show promise are brought to an out yard, where eventually they may be selected to our breeding yards. We also source some nucs from neighbouring beekeepers who's practices we respect.


* if ordering bees please read below some recommendations on pick up

Price List


Nucs/Queens/Queen Cells(includes boxes)(Nucs are made exceedingOntario Bee Breeders Standards)  Nuc* with........

DBA Queens  Local Queen 

Order Date

Over Winter Nuc




D.B.A Queen

D.B.A Queen


Starting January 2 2017







** Volume Discount 20-99 nuc  $176 each**

100 + Please call

Local Queens
1 to 49    $ 38.95

Import Queen 
1 to 49   $34.95
Over 50 Please Call

Full Sized Colonies


25 + Please Call

Full sized colonies are comprised of  two deeps full of bees (a ready for honey production colony)                                                           bottom board, inner cover, outer cover.

Singles  (available June-Nov)$245.... more than 20 Please call
Single are one brood box hives, already in need of a second box.

Top Bar Hive Shakes/Package(available late May and on)$235
You arrive with your top bar hive. We cage a queen and shake 3lbs of bees into your equipment. You take your hive, set it up in your yard and release the queen. 

Please visit us  Monday to Saturday from 9-5pm at our bee supply store, or anytime online at   We carry a wide range of beekeeping supplies at great prices.

To get started beekeeping please have a look at our;

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Some things to keep in mind when you pick up your bees:

- transport, sealing, taping, or closing bees in any way are the  responsibility of the new happy owner of the bees.

- bring your protective clothing; or arrive early to purchase it from our store here

- its best to pick them up when the foragers are in house,ie. in early morning when it is still cool, or 15 minutes before dark. (night transport is the best

- the optimum transport is the back of a pickup, although the bees can be restricted for car transport (at your own risk)

-  ratchet tie down straps are needed for transporting singles and full colonies 

- we do not stop the flight of bees, or close entrances; this is up to you. IT IS OUR POLICY NOT TO RESTRICT BEES FOR TRANSPORT. It is up to you as the new owner of the bees to decide how best to move your bees.

- for car transport you may wish to bring a sheet or netting to cover the bees

- we are not responsible for bees that get over heated once they leave our care 

- all bees sold are in need of larger living quarters right away. Nucs will need to be installed into waiting 10 frame equipment. Singles will need their 2nd box. Doubles will need to have honey supers put on. The bees we sell are strong and need the room when you get them.

- we recommend feeding nucs especially if they are being installed on un-drawn foundation

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